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Can you mount a TV above a brick fireplace?
Yes not a problem, we carry the right tools to get a job like this done.

What TV (LCD, LED, Plasma or DLP) is the best for me?
Depends on the room size and light that hits the room and of course what type of audience is viewing the TV. Give us a call today for a free in home evaluation.

What is a Blu Ray DVD player?
A Blu Ray DVD Play is simply High Definition offering a true 1080p resolution. This is the highest clarity.

What is the difference between Component/Composite wiring and HDMI wiring?
Component/Composite wiring is an analog picture this only offers a 1080i resolution and HDMI is a digital wire that offers 1080p.

What can I do about all my remotes? (TV remote, Cable box/Satellite remote, DVD Remote, Surround Sound remote, gaming remote?
Not a problem we can install and configure an all-in-one universal remote, with a touch of a button you can turn on everything and be ready to enjoy your system.